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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a researched-based, integrative type of psychotherapy that uses bilateral stimulation, along with mindfulness, neurology, and cognitive techniques to assist clients in healing from the impacts of trauma. Trauma is viewed any experience that overwhelms a person's ability to cope.  Many emotional problems and disorders are viewed as manifestations of these unprocessed trauma memories that are stored in the brain and can often be effectively treated using EMDR.


Is a competency-based, developmentally-informed framework for therapy designed for treating complex trauma and dissociation.  It emphasizes a neurological understanding of trauma and dissociation. Clients who live with complex neuro-dissociative states have  different relational and therapeutic needs from those who have trauma histories without more complex types of dissociation.

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Renew offers individual "talk" therapy using a variety of evidence-based and integrative or creative models tailored to the client's unique needs.  Renew often works with individuals dealing with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, self-esteem, sexual concerns, trauma, stress, parenting concerns, and general difficulty coping.  In addition to more traditional talk therapies, we offer EMDR and AIR Network informed approaches, that have been proven to be beneficial to clients struggling with a variety of concerns.

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