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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) is a researched-based, integrative type of psychotherapy that uses bilateral stimulation, along with mindfulness, neurologically informed interventions, and cognitive techniques to assist clients in healing from the impacts of trauma. Trauma is viewed any experience that overwhelms a person's ability to cope or alters one's view of self or the world around them.  EMDR has been effective in the treatment of panic attacks, phobias (such as fear of flying, claustrophobia, fear of needles or other medical phobias), depression, low-self-esteem, performance issues (students, athletes, public speaking, writers, musicians), sexual dysfunction, nightmares/insomnia, complex grief, fear of driving/auto accidents, childhood abuse/neglect, sexual assault or rape, addiction issues, relational conflict/betrayal/abandonment, perinatal trauma/birth trauma, chronic guilt/shame, and more.

AIR Network Therapy

AIR Network stands for "adaptive internal relationships," as the goal of the model is to build a healthy relationship with all aspects of self, translating to healthier and more secure external relationships, increased executive functioning, and increased connection with one's core values and self-worth. AIR is a competency-based, developmentally-informed framework for therapy developed by Dawn McClelland Phd, LP, Patti Miller MA LP and Phyllis Solon PsyD, LP that was designed for treating complex trauma. It emphasizes a neurological understanding of trauma and dissociation. Clients who live with complex neuro-dissociative states, often as  result of childhood trauma, have different relational and therapeutic needs from those who have trauma histories without more complex types of dissociation requiring additional training and compassion .

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Renew offers "talk" therapy using a variety of evidence-based and integrative, as well as somatic techniques tailored to the client's needs. Renew often works with individuals dealing with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, executive dysfunction related to ADD or ADHD, relationship challenges, postpartum depression and anxiety, childbirth-related trauma, self-esteem, sexual concerns, stress, parenting concerns, and general difficulty coping.  

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